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Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweet Cross Ride

haven’t blogged much these days, not too much to report…This week I have been kind of taking it easy thinking of getting ready for the Father’s Day Road Race. I have been babying a cold..thinking it might be allergies. Up to the track a couple of days this week for speed training, did a little bit of cross fit the other day and Tuesday night a run of 5k…other than that a pretty slow week….I am craving a nice long run.

Today I decided to take my cross bike out..Haven’t had it out for a long ride since I bought it, just around town a bit. As I started out, I thought ….not really sure I like the feel of this bike…sure not a mountain bike…I find it quick at the steering, just a different kind of ride…However by the time I rode to town and back…I was feeling it…pretty sweet ride. After I got use to it, wow she held the road, fast on the downhills …nice. It reminds me of my 10 speed I use to ride when I was a young girl, many years ago…On the way home, i realized I have fallen in love with my new Cross bike…can’t wait to jump on the saddle again

thinking of doing some yoga later and early night to bed….feeling that I might be winning the fight as far as this cold goes, crossing my fingers It will have it behind me come the run on Sunday

Until next time…keep sweating!


•Type: Cycle
•Date: 06/17/2011
•Time: 09:43:44
•Total Time: 00:55:00.00
•Calories: 567
•Distance: 18.5 km
•Average Speed: 20.18 kmph

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A week of Firsts

It’s been a great week ..enjoying all the amazing things life has to offer….Experiencing alot of Firsts.

#1..First for the season.. Off Kilter group ride was Sunday.. App 2 1/2 hours of awesome riding with the group..alot of single trails, laughs and exercise…can’t beat it. I hit a rock pretty hard coming though the last trail…broke my’s gone..which leads me to the other first thing of the week.

#2 First time for clips on my bike…I’ve had these for over a year, however reluctant to put them on..nervous because of on technical trails, I don’t want to fall.. However now that my pedal is broken..guess it’s they are I have to practise, they may need to be adjusted some..going to be trying it out again tonight.

#3..Speed work at the track..My friend has been wanting to get back into running but said he needed a push. I would rather do speed work in the evening, but it didn’t work for him..So landing at the track @ 6:00am which is about 20 minutes away, complete our workout and back home to get the children off to school..It was a great workout and I felt so much energy after we were done…At first I thought I totally crazy, up at 5:20 to go run, but I’m trying to turn over a new leaf..into bed early and up early…we are going to attempt to do this workout twice a week…We did four 400m runs with 15 push-ups in between each set…and will increase our distance each week…After our workout I took my shoes off and ran barefoot around the grass perimeter of the track..trying to get my form corrected…My friend felt great also and feels it will get him on the road again! I’m also thankful that he is going to the track because if I was going alone..I would just hit the snooze button and stay in bed! so it’s a win win!

#4 Chirunning…I have been reading about this lately, alot about posture…line up ears, shoulders, hips, ankles…straight as a broom they say, line up your pelvis so its straight, engage your core, landing with your feet under you …lean into it with your ankles and let gravity take its course…relax your muscles and connect mind with your body…

I have been trying this and tonight was the first long run in awhile…It felt great..slow, but great..I am still having a hard time leaning into it from the ankles. But if anything I feel relaxation is a great key to remember… trying not to let my muscle tense up, enjoy the run, the beauty around me and I found my run was so much better..when I finished my muscles weren’t tight, my legs felt great…best run in a long time…..It was awesome! I’m ready to go again

So I’m off tonight to practise again on my bike with my clips…Tomorrow back to the track at 6:00am…early to bed tonight

Enjoy all that exercise!!!!



•Type: Run
•Date: 06/02/2011
•Time: 10:30:07
•Total Time: 1:24:00.00
•Calories: 975
•Distance: 13 km
•Average Pace: 6:27.51/km

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Heavy Legs…Keep On, Keepin On

Last time I ran was last Wednesday and it was crazy brutal…Went out for 10k and had to keep stopping because my legs were so heavy, aching..couldn’t get them moving…It was more of a walk than a the time I reached home I was frustrated, discouraged and not too happy…This was the second time within a week that my legs were in so much protest…I don’t feel it was from over-training because I have been pretty much still lately…I did a 35k ride on Monday, very cold but my legs felt good, an easy 5k Tuesday and then Wednesday i was greeted with this crazy run…

As I returned home I was so upset and my family knew just by the look on my face…stating to them…I think I need to take a break from running. They were surprised of this, and I hated to even voice it…It would be like dumping a great friend, one who has always been there when I have a bad day, the pavement always is a great place to bring a smile back on my face..It helps me keep my weight down, feel achievements within myself, makes me feel great to wear myself into the ground…just an awesome friend, how could I ever drop something that benefits me so much. However, I want to start training and if things don’t look up soon…I know it will just be a dream.

I had an appointment in Halifax on Thursday, an 11hr legs were not too happy..and today it being Saturday they are still aching.

I have doing my research and it indicated that if your circulation isn’t so good, to keep moving at least 30 min a day…so maybe i need to be moving more…instead of stopping…keep on keepin on…push push…it only makes sense..I stop, my legs will seize up…I want to be able to embrace this running experience until late in life..I feel it’s a great health benefit and the proof is in the research….so I’m not stopping…i’m pushing forward…

So i headed out for my run today…and it felt amazing…I find it crazy how my legs can feel heavy on one run and fabulous on the other..but I’ve started taking some baby aspirin, Omega 3, to name a few of my supplements…and hydrate hydrate hydrate..and following a good eating plan of more fruit and veggies.

These little challenges are just part of the game, I need to remind myself not to get discouraged but to keep going…as my young 13 year old voiced to me this week “Quitters don’t prosper”…I love to run and exercise and I plan to keep going…pushing towards my goal…If it kills me..I’ll die happy!

I have been asked “why do you exercise so much”…well now I have another answer..because my legs need the therapy…One more benefit…so many numerous reasons to keep going….

Keep the Challenge within you!!


•Type: Run
•Date: 05/28/2011
•Time: 08:48:58
•Total Time: 00:44:00.00
•Calories: 511
•Distance: 7 km
•Average Pace: 6:16.96/km

Monday, May 23, 2011

Biking in Burrr weather

It was cold today...Everyone is wondering what is going on, It's May 23rd and feels like November...looking out the window I could almost feel the cold...but push push...if I want to build my strength up, sitting around is not going to achieve it. So out I went..I was thinking 40k but my route ended up to be 35.30..and I must say I was happy to get home. My feet were the worst, really cold and numb before I made it home..However I did it, got out, pushed myself and that part feels great. I will be happy when Mr Sun decides to show his face and not just tease us...The best is yet to come.

As I was riding up a hill, a huge camper trailor went by me, felt like within inches..however I sure he didn't want to go to the other side of the road because of being on a hill and he probably didn't want to slow down, because he needed his speed to make the hill...however, couldn't he have just honked ever so slightly...I don't know which would have made me jumped the most, but with my mountain bike at least I could have gone to the side shoulder...I was upset and thinking if he at the front of the campground getting ready to register, I'm pulling in and give him a piece of my mind...guess it's just as well he wasn't there...I would have made an complete arse of myself...but at it was upsetting...wanting to build my mileage and I know it will help my running but I must say I enjoy the woods much better. Oh well.. its all good...I'm sure it will happen again...ride and smile is the best we can do...all in all it felt good to be on two wheels and get the ride done...

I am going to sit down and look at my training and my that I've finished my 1/2 and had some recovery it's time to start training again...I need to commit...writing it down is the best way for me.

Move while you's a blessing

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A first time Barefoot Fun Run

Tuesday night fun run...Always enjoy the company and the exercise..the best of both worlds..But tonight was a first...And I love experiencing new things. Sara and I were the only runners tonight..As we were running we talked about my 1/2 marathon that I just completed and wearing my kilt..I explained to her how alot of people are now wearing kilts and also barefoot running..and how I would like to try it..."want to try it now?" she asked..well didn't take much to persuade came our shoes and socks and our barefeet hit the pavement...I couldn't get over how much I like it...felt great, and it was alot of fun...We ran for 2.5k..which was a surprise to me...From the high school to almost HMS...pretty good distance and feeling great. Came home, my feet were burning a bit, took a soak. I can feel the workout in my calves...I really enjoyed this run and hope to get myself some minimal shoes for my long runs...I noticed the inside of my running shoes has a small whole, in just 2 1/2 must be the rubbing...nevertheless I don't want to buy anymore runners for now....maybe fall.

Ab ripper completed for another night...

Loving the great things life has to offer!!

Cheers to barefoot running!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A 1/2 to remember

I forgot to turn off my garmin as I crossed the finish line...straight for water and pizza!

Mixed emotions upon arriving to the running event…Very excited that I finally get to run my first 1/2 which I thought at one point was not in the cards, and yet anxious..thinking what have I got myself into? As I headed to the start line, they indicated “runners in the front, walkers in the back”…so I stayed at the front…big mistake, should have proceeded to the middle of the pack…The gun went off and the elite runners in the front took off like scared rabbits, dragging my poor rear behind them….Holy Smokes, where is the fire!! Looking at my Garmin…I was way above my pace that I usually run…I need to back off if I expect to make it to the finish line….

I ran 11k without stopping, felt great…at the turn around point, thought me little legs need a short break .. its was a beautiful flat course, along the flooded banks of the river…So many things I enjoyed, the smell of the spuce trees as we ran along the wooded trail, the beauty of the water and the sun came out and was shining down on us…what an awesome day!

About 15k my itband started to whisper a little to me, so I slacked off..found I was pushing myself and yet had to stop and walk some, to give my leg a deserved break…It would have been nice to complete this run in 2:00 hrs….As I was running, the pacer bunny of 2:OO hours came up and passed me, trying to keep her pace…It was a bit beyond me at this point…At about 17 k another pacer came along…2:10…hmmm lets try this…I kept with him, at one point the wind came up and his bunny ears almost flew off his head, it made a nice laugh along the way…starting up a bit of a grade, I stopped…”come one, we’re almost there”…he said…”I’ll catch up” the top of the grade, he was ahead of me..looking back and waving his arms…telling me to come on…So I sprinted and caught up…at this point there was only about 2k to go..thinking what’s 2 k?..but after running was hard to keep pushing..but no stopping now….As I approached the chip mat…I ran acrossed it, only to realize it was for the full marathon! oops!..mistake number 2! proceeded to the 1/2 mat..thank god it recorded time….

This run was fantastic…I did find that the chip markings were the only thing not marked so well…A very elite runner came flying in for his full at 2:35! missing the marathon mat and proceeded to the 1/2 mat…I think he may have lost a minute or two…no big deal to me, but for a guy running so hard and doing such a fantastic job, I felt bad for him…however he came in first and did one heck of a job.

After the run, I found my pace bunny…gave him a nice hug and thanked him for pushing me through, explaining it was my first 1/2 and I really needed that push…

Decided to wear my kilt for this event to celebrate the run…It was fun and alot of people really took a shining to my kilt…

A Fantastic day and a awesome run, one that I will be remembering for a very long time…I love firsts…Another item to check off my bucket list

Running is so amazing!

finished time 2:10:09….Not the best, but I’ll take it….now I have something to work on

Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Kilted Run —On Dehydrated Legs

App 1 week before my 1/2 marathon and I need to start thinking about my fluid intake. Not eating much for lunch, having only a coffee and a cup of water, heading out on the road depleted…will I ever learn? My legs were so heavy, I need to hydrate hydrate hydrate…my ipod was dead, I’d rather be listening to music than my heavy breathing!

Decided to try out my kilt..It was a new experience and great. I didn’t wear any spandex shorts underneath, thinking I don’t need them…I was ok until about 7 k…my lower legs were feeling alot better by this time, but my upper legs started to scream…A lesson to be learned…Alot of people use body glide, or as someone said to me “wear your spandex shorts”…but I feel that would take away for the kilted run…It was alot of fun and I will be wearing it again very soon.

Alot of runners are taking up barefoot running…I find this very interesting..I feel it’s brings us back to the way we were suppose to run…Running shoes are adjusting our natural stride, not keeping us light on our feet etc…Dealing with Itband I wonder if it would help…and the feeling of freedom would be an experience…been looking into running sandals…who knows. I was tempted to strip off my shoes and socks and go for it..but one experience at a time…

I wasn’t very happy with this time…i like to run a 10K no longer than 1 hour..but my legs just were in protest..I know one thing, my stamina needs work…once i get through my 1/2 marathon event on Mothers Day I hope start some speed work on flat terrain….I should be running faster….

Well running in the kilt was awesome…even though my legs were not very happy…It really doesn’t matter…as long as I’m moving forward, I embrace my running…

“Running is a mental sport…and we’re all insane!”

Learn to run when feeling the pain: then push harder.

I have a lot to learn…pushing harder is one of them…until next time….I’ll shall remember

Smile and embrace it all!